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Uber and Yext team up to bring customers to company's doorsteps

Global location data management company Yext is teaming up with Uber, it announced on Thursday. The partnership will allow businesses to integrate a ‘Ride With Uber’ button, driving customers from websites directly to their doorsteps.  

Besides simply driving customers from point A to point B, the riding experience itself has a few extras. One is Trip Branding, where customers are offered extras such as food menus or product sales while they are en-route.  Another extra is called Drop-Off Points, where companies get to choose the exact location where customers should be driven to – instead of driving them to a parking lot or a mailing address.  

“Uber and Yext share the same mission — to help people go places,” said Marc Ferrentino, Yext EVP Strategy & Product. 

“That’s why we partnered with Uber to create a new, immersive experience where stores, restaurants, and other businesses can bring consumers directly to their doors and increase customer engagement through Trip Branding. We’re closing the loop so that businesses can provide a great experience all the way from search results to checkout — which includes actually getting to the location.” 

Among the endorsers who got to beta test the new feature was Guitar Center, where customers were driven to the centre to try out different products. 

 “We’re very excited to be one of the first companies launching the 'Ride with Uber’ feature, which will make the Guitar Center shopping experience even more convenient for our customers,” said Jeff Wisot, Vice President of Marketing & E-commerce at Guitar Center. A demo is available on this link.   

Image Credit: Mack Male / Flickr