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UK 23rd safest nation for data privacy, according to Artmotion

When it comes to data privacy and security, the UK is ranked 23rd, according to a new report by Artmotion. The company ranked 170 countries around the world, on their ability to keep data secure. 

It looked at a number of different factors, including risk of corruption (sourced from Transparency International), risk of conflict (sourced from Global InTake), risk of terrorism (Global InTake), instability of infrastructure (World Economic Forum), political instability (Control Risk), and natural disaster risk (United Nations).  

The most secure company in the world is Switzerland, who received an insecurity rate of 1.6 per cent. Singapore was second with 1.9 per cent, followed by Iceland (2.3 per cent). 

The UK scored 9.9 per cent, and the US 14.2 per cent (37th). Somalia was the worst, scoring 92.9 per cent.  

Commenting on the new research, Mateo Meier, a privacy advocate and CEO of Artmotion said, “Switzerland has long been heralded as a safe haven for private information. This benchmark helps to confirm that notion, securing the country’s position as a leader in both individual and corporate data privacy.

“As both a privacy advocate and the owner of a highly secure data centre, there is no other country where I would recommend my clients store their private information. Switzerland represents the perfect balance of sensible privacy legislation, reliable infrastructure and limited physical risks.” 

The full data privacy benchmark, together with the interactive map of the world’s Data Danger Zones, can be found on this link.  

Image source: Shutterstock/Wright Studio