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UK businesses are failing remote workers

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

British businesses are not doing enough to support remote workers, a new study suggests. 

One Pulse and Owl Labs are saying more than half of UK employees feel their companies aren’t doing enough to meet the demands of a modern work society, which includes remote and flexible working.

Many workers are also saying they feel a substantial drop in both communication and collaboration, when they work from home. Almost four in five have said they have a hard time staying engaged when they join a meeting remotely.

The report is based on a poll of 1,000 employees in the UK, and it says four in five waste seven weeks a year in ‘pointless meetings’. One in seven (14 per cent) waste almost 10 hours a week in pointless meetings, which accumulates to more than a quarter of a full-time employee’s time.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) find it hard to stay engaged when joining internal work meetings.  

“In an era of remote and flexible work the need for an effective working process, for those in and out of the office, is crucial,” said Max Makeev, CEO of Owl Labs.

“However, UK companies are so far failing to meet the needs of the modern workplace.”

To meet the challenge of reduced productivity among remote workers, Owl Labs introduced The Meeting Owl, a 360-degree smart conferencing camera.

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay

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