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UK businesses struggling to juggle demands of new technology

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Businesses are caught between a rock, a hard place, and another analogy of being up against a wall and nowhere to go when it comes to balancing their priorities, according to a new report. 

Research from Fujitsu found that the majority of businesses are struggling to balance between what their employees want, what their customers want, and what the wider society wants.

All three are essentially for business success (more or less – depends on where you look at), but these three don’t always have their desires or expectations aligned.

Overall, Fujitsu's report says that UK businesses prioritise the needs of their customers over employees and the society as a whole, at the moment.

Two thirds (66 per cent) of all respondents, globally, believe that making a positive impact on society is key to future success. At the same time, 77 per cent believe the organization must put the customer first, if it wants to be successful

“The world has transformed dramatically in recent years with organisations across all sectors feeling the effects of this change," said Rupal Karia, head of public and private sector for Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

"More than ever, UK business leaders are recognising that true success will come from adopting a holistic approach: serving customers’ needs, unlocking the full potential of their workforce and ensuring a positive societal impact. It has become clear that the three groups are intrinsically connected with an organisation’s ability to influence the wider world through the employees and customers they engage with. Yet worryingly, throughout the study, there is uncertainty about the future and nervousness about whether their organisation is taking the right approach to each group. The pressure is on – as all three have huge influence on the future success of an organisation, it’s understandable that world business leaders find it challenging to manage this.”

For many, digital technology can provide the necessary solutions. Almost three quarters (73 per cent) stated that “building and maintaining a creative and collaborative culture is key to having a positive influence on society.” 

You can find the full report on this link.

Image Credit: / Pexels