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UK businesses worrying more about Brexit than GDPR

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Businesses look kindly towards data regulation and believe it gives them a competitive advantage. They worry more about Brexit, and the problems it can cause regarding data sovereignty, than data regulations and compliance.

This is according to a new NetApp survey, based on a poll of 501 UK-based businesses.

The majority have seen a positive impact from data regulation, compared to 30 per cent a year ago. Also, less than one in five expect negative impacts from data regulation. Organisations’ awareness is on the rise, with more than two thirds (68 per cent) claiming it’s due to the implementation of GDPR. Just two per cent have reduced their level of concern after May last year.

The confidence surrounding data and GDPR is followed by fear and worry about data sovereignty and Brexit. Two thirds have given either ‘some’ or ‘major’ consideration to data sovereignty, as they prepare for Brexit. Almost half think these concerns will be bigger than anything GDPR throws at them, and just six per cent worry less about Brexit than GDPR.

Some have even said data sovereignty has had an impact on EU customer targeting, as well.

“The uncertainties around Brexit affect companies in numerous ways, including in their data management preparations. It is therefore encouraging to see many UK businesses already focussing on data regulation and privacy,” commented Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, EMEA.

“Whilst this is partly driven by legislation and specifically the GDPR, there is now also a better understanding of how data regulation positively contributes to the commercial success of an organisation. As more details around Brexit emerge over the coming months, the best course of action for companies is to continue to build solid data protection and data governance processes, to ensure compliance with current legislation and preparedness for any future developments.”

Image source: Shutterstock/JMiks

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