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UK CIOs facing an 'uphill battle' with digital transformation


UK CIO’s are facing an ‘uphill battle’ with their company’s digital transformation efforts, according to new figures from Veeam Software. The report says that 82 per cent of businesses suffer from what it calls the ‘Availability Gap’ – a gap between what users need, and how effectively businesses can make sure apps and data are available. 

In Europe, 60 per cent of businesses suffer from the same issue.   Out of a 100 CIOs in the UK, less than 24 are able to recover mission-critical applications, and 67 fail back-up their mission-critical data more frequently than once in half an hour.  Still, digital transformation remains a ‘key priority’ and a mainstay of the boardroom agenda.  

Richard Agnew, VP NW EMEA at Veeam Software, said: “We know that digital transformation is a major priority for many UK businesses and there are plenty of IT organisations which are delivering fantastic strides forward in meeting their digital objectives. But it’s concerning that when comparing the UK against the rest of Europe it is lagging behind and failing to deliver on users’ availability requirements. This is underlined by CIOs admitting their lack of focus on backup and recovery goes against their efforts to reduce IT costs. This must serve as a wake-up call for businesses – they need to offer users the technology that they demand to deliver an always-on enterprise, particularly as digital transformation is now top of the agenda.” 

Veeam also says the UK is behind the rest of Europe when it comes to cloud adoption in ‘certain areas’.  A third of CIOs (31 per cent) said they don’t use cloud for data protection (9 per cent in Europe). The UK is also lagging behind the rest of Europe when it comes to using cloud for disaster recovery and archiving.