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UK companies struggle to connect with digital HR

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(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Wichy)

UK companies are struggling to digitize their Human Resources (HR) departments, a new report from SD Worx claims.

Polling more than 3,000 businesses across 11 European countries, the firm found that just a third (36 percent) of HR departments in the UK have a high level of digital maturity. Further, less than one in ten (9.4 percent) have implemented a fully automated, digitized and integrated HR and payroll system.

HR departments understand the value technology can bring to day-to-day activities - and are therefore frustrated by this failure. Less than half (43 percent) consider themselves “moderately satisfied” with their current digital HR and payroll processes.

However, with the pandemic in full swing, it is perhaps unlikely much progress will be made. Digital adoption “just may not be on the radar” for many businesses, the report further states, with neither HR process automation nor digital transformation making it into the top ten list of HR priorities.

The majority of UK businesses polled for the report plan to launch projects aimed at tackling HR process automation in the next twelve months. However, in seeming contradiction, less than a quarter (22.5 percent) consider digital transformation an important objective in relation to HR.

“Because of budgetary constraints, the automation and digitization of HR aren’t priorities for most companies during Covid-19. But from an HR perspective, they are. Advanced digital maturity allows you to focus on strategic tasks and to raise the value of your HR team as a business partner”, said Ferdi Claes, MD HR Europe at Computer Task Group.