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UK consumers are getting more protective about their data

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Trust in banking and healthcare organisations differs widely between the UK and France with mistrust in social media and advertising still widespread across Europe according to two surveys from the Open Data Institute (ODI).

The research revealed a number of disparities between countries in regard to which information consumers felt comfortable sharing and who they felt comfortable sharing it with. The first survey was carried out in the UK in November 2017 and YouGov conducted the second one which included France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands in April 2018.

The surveys revealed wide disparities in banking with the UK being far more confident in sharing data with banks, credit card companies (57%) and insurance providers (32%) while in France the percentages were 31 per cent and 27 per cent respectively.

Trust in healthcare providers also differed between the countries with 64 per cent of people in the UK trusting healthcare providers including the NHS compared to just 35 per cent of people in France. Meanwhile, the Netherlands had the highest trust in healthcare providers at 71 per cent.

Marketing and advertising agencies were the least trusted organisations with only two per cent of people in both the UK and France trusting them with their data.

The online surveys also showed that consumers had very low trust in the way retailers use data with France being the most cautious.  In France online retailers were only trusted by 11 per cent of respondents while in the UK this figure was the highest across all of the countries at 22 per cent.

High street shops and other offline retailers were trusted even less with only eight per cent in France and 10 per cent in the UK saying they trust them.

Social media companies such as Facebook and Instagram scored universally badly with only five per cent in France and 10 per cent in the UK trusting them with their data.

CEO of the Open Data Institute, Dr. Jeni Tennison offered further insight on the findings of the surveys, saying:

“The survey reveals a complex and evolving relationship with data, which varies across countries.  Trust in organisations remains a key issue across the EU, but it is good to know that many people are thinking actively about data when deciding which type of data they are comfortable sharing, and which organisations they are happy to share information about themselves with.”

Image Credit: Alexskopje / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.