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UK employees are losing two hours a day searching for data

(Image credit: IT Pro Portal)

Employees in UK businesses are suffering major drops in productivity due to poor data storage, new resarch has claimed.

A report by Veritas Technologies says workers are losing two hours every day searching for data, which is reducing workforce efficiency by 16 per cent.

The report says data is of the utmost importance, as it allows employees to make informed business decisions, rather than relying on gut feeling which, as you might imagine, is risky business.

Those businesses that invest in effective everyday data management are saving money and have more productive employees, in 76 and 73 per cent of cases, respectively.

 But it’s not just about saving money and having a more productive workforce. Businesses that mismanage data miss valuable business opportunities and, in some occasions, they have even witnessed increased operating costs.

Putting the report into perspective, organisations lose more than $1.5 million a year due to data-related challenges. Data management issues are also a long-term business hazard, it was added.

“Organisations have access to a wealth of data that can create significant opportunities if they use it intelligently. Unfortunately, employees waste precious time searching for useful, and potentially business-critical, data in fragmented IT environments,” said Jasmit Sagoo, senior director, Northern Europe, Veritas. “Companies that invest in taking care of their most important digital asset – their data – will benefit from improved employee efficiency and productivity, giving them a valuable competitive advantage.”

Image Credit: IT Pro Portal