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UK employees not really encouraged to innovate

When it comes to encouraging a culture of innovation in office, Europe is moving ahead of the UK, according to new research from BMC Software.  Almost two thirds of employees in France (63 per cent) and more than half of their peers in Spain (57 per cent) feel supported to innovate and change. In the UK, that figure is at 47 per cent. 

The result – a lowered morale. Just above half (54 per cent) of UK employees feel inspired in the office, compared to 74 per cent in Spain, 73 per cent in France and 66 per cent in Germany.  According to the report, the C-suite is responsible for encouraging a culture of innovation, driven by new technology.  “To create a culture that capitalises upon the creativity and experience of staff, businesses across the UK should encourage and empower workers to share new ideas to drive innovation. 

This requires strong leadership, regular feedback and updates so that staff feel they are being heard,” said Shafath Syed, Sr. Director of End User Solutions at BMC. “Employers should identify and empower digital change agents within their businesses, who are tasked with leading innovation and driving change, and given full support from management to do so. However, this can be easier said than done. Businesses should call on the guidance and expertise of strategic partners to help implement Digital Workplace solutions to empower employees.” More than four fifths of workers in the UK consider their workplace productive, and 74 per cent consider it efficient. However, less than half (42 per cent) consider it innovative. 

Image Credit: thinkpublic / Flickr