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UK firms have had to pause multiple IT projects due to lockdown

(Image credit: Image Credit: MK photograp55 / Shutterstock)

We know the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt a lot of businesses and forced them to cancel or postpone many of their projects, but a report from PagerDuty shows just how devastating the lockdown has been for some.

According to the study, based on a poll of more than 700 developers and IT pros across North America, EMEA and API, a quarter of UK businesses have had at least 16, if not more, projects cancelled and delayed in these past three to six months. The majority of these businesses experienced a “significant increase” in pressure on their digital services since the lockdown began, while also witnessing a 45 percent increase in the number of incidents related to their digital services.

As a consequence, two thirds of IT and DevOps pros spent more than 10 extra hours, every week, resolving incidents.

UK’s businesses have had a tougher time compared to those elsewhere. In the USA, Australia, Germany and Japan, one in every five businesses reported delayed projects, while France has had 14 percent.

“This research underscores the fact that every company is facing the challenge of accelerating their digital transformation to keep pace with customer expectations and needs, while grappling with increased digital complexity and strain,” said Rachel Obstler, Vice President of Product at PagerDuty.

“It also candidly points to the human cost of this dramatic change - an immense strain on the practitioners charged with keeping digital services running which can lead to massive burnout.”

Since the pandemic began, 71 percent of UK’s IT pros were asked to solve incidents during their time off, while four in ten said they were firefighting, or tackling unplanned work, 100 percent of the time.