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UK forensics firm hit with ransomware

(Image credit: Image Credit: WK1003Mike / Shutterstock )

Forensics services company Eurofins Scientific was hit with a ransomware attack, bringing its business to a grinding halt, and forcing some important partners to suspend their partnership.

According to a BBC report, the company was hit by ransomware a month ago, and was forced to pay ransom to get its data back. While its operations were blocked, the British police was forced to suspend the work they do together.

Eurofins claims the ransomware attack was “highly sophisticated”, but did not disclose how much it was asked to pay - however it did take the company three weeks to return business operations to normal.

Law enforcement agencies have been notified, and the investigation is ongoing. The National Crime Agency (NCA) refused to comment on the incident.

On June 24, when Eurofins announced its operations were back to normal, issued a statement in which is said: "We are continuing to work intensively with leading cybersecurity experts to further secure our current systems and infrastructure and to add enhanced security features and measures to protect our systems and data."

"The investigations conducted so far by our internal and external IT forensics experts have not found evidence of any unauthorised theft or transfer of confidential client data."

According to the BBC, Eurofins handles more than 70,000 criminal cases in the UK, every year. It does DNA testing, toxicology analysis, testing of firearms as well as computer forensics.

Ransomware is a type of malware which, when it infects a machine, it encrypts all of the data on the device and demands the victim to pay for the decryption key in cryptocurrency, mostly bitcoin.