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UK's top hacking and security hotspots revealed

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People in Northern Ireland have poor cyber security practices, and as a result – they're the people that are most likely to get hacked and their personal data stolen or compromised.

This is according to a new report by ESET, which says 29 per cent of Northern Irelanders admitted to having either their email or social media accounts hacked. The national average is 21 per cent, placing Northern Ireland at the very top. Or bottom, I guess.

The report is based on a poll of 2,000 individuals in the UK. It also claims that more than half of Brits clicked on a fishy link in an email. Citizens of Birmingham and Coventry are most ‘trigger-happy’ when it comes to clicking fishy links, while people in the West Midlands are most likely to fall victim to fraud.

It was also said that men were more likely victims of fraud, with 43 per cent admitting to have been defrauded, compared to 35 per cent of women.

“Email scams are only growing in frequency and it is becoming much harder to spot the ‘good’ from the bad’ as criminals become more sophisticated in their art of deception,” says Jake Moore, cybersecurity expert at ESET UK.

“My advice? Never click on or download anything from someone who you aren’t expecting something from and always look at the sender’s email address. If a company emails to say they have locked you out of your account, ask yourself why they would before clicking through in a fit of panic.”

Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock

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