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UK is leading the way when it comes to digital readiness

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/everything possible)

The UK has ranked 13th in Cisco’s global Digital Readiness Index, a report which analyses how easy it is to do business and the environment for breeding successful start-ups.

The report considers digital readiness to be comprised of several different components. These include Human Capital, Business and Government Investment, Technology Infrastructure, Technology Adoption and Basic Needs, among others.

Each country received a different score for each individual component, but overall Singapore was number one. The country also scored highest in Human Capital and Business and Government Investment.

The US was the only country in the top ten for GDP that also came in the top 10 for digital readiness, and also topped the charts in North America.

In Europe, Luxembourg ranked highest (second position globally). Israel was the highest in the Middle East, while Botswana took the number one spot for mainland Africa.

South Korea ranked the highest in East Asia, Australia dominated the Asia-Pacific region and Chile won out in South America.

“Technology has the potential to be the single greatest catalyst for economic and social progress,” said Tae Yoo, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at Cisco.

“In every corner of the world, digital technology is helping us become more connected to each other and the organisations upon which we rely. It opens markets, creates jobs, and better connects citizens and customers. Our hope is that through Cisco’s Global Digital Readiness Index, we can partner with private and public sectors to evaluate how investments in the basic underpinnings of a digital society can serve to raise the quality of life for all citizens around the world.”