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UK lagging behind Germany in the data centre rush

(Image credit: Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock)

Tegile Systems has polled 200 IT decision makers in the UK and Germany, trying to understand how companies in these two countries plan on future-proofing data centre storage performance. There are a couple of interesting findings from the report. Cloud services are growing, flash storage is increasingly being adopted, and there is a continued trust in hybrid storage solutions.

However, the report also shows a discrepancy between UK-based and German-based organisations, where those in Germany seem to be ahead of their UK counterparts.

For example, when it comes to maintaining hybrid storage systems, 38 per cent of UK businesses are planning to do so, compared to 58 per cent in Germany. In terms of adding cloud services, 55 per cent of UK organisations confirmed such plans, compared to 68 per cent in Germany.

When it comes to introducing flash storage, the UK seems to be ahead – 30 per cent, compared to German 27 per cent. However, Tegile says this is only because German companies already have a higher uptake of flash storage.

“As this study shows, the next three years are going to bring significant changes in the datacentre, with many of them taking place at the storage level,” said Paul Silver, Vice President EMEA, Tegile. 

“While the price of flash continues to decrease, hybrid storage remains very strong on the back of its ability to help organisations benefit from performance and affordable TCO. As the gap in the overall price between flash and traditional storage closes we will see an increase in the number of organisations deploying flash for more and more applications, making it possible to adopt much faster performance even in nice-to-have environments simply because it won’t cost any more to deploy flash than it will disk drives. That will be a significant milestone for the storage industry and one that Tegile is pushing hard towards.’

Image Credit: Welcomia / Shutterstock