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UK lays out full-fibre connectivity plan

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Britain has laid out plans to roll out full-fibre broadband coverage to every home across the country by 2033.

Public funds will also be utilised to ensure that rural areas receive the same level of connectivity as urban areas while proposals by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DMCS) would create legislation guaranteeing that all new homes built would be fitted with full-fibre broadband.

The UK is lagging behind its European counterparts when it comes rolling out full-fibre connections capable of providing speeds of 1 Gbps. As it stands now, just four per cent of UK homes have access to this technology while 71% of homes in Spain and 89% of homes in Portugal currently have full-fibre connections.

DMCS' Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review also revealed that it will “support investment in the most difficult-to-reach areas” where the cost of providing full-fibre broadband could range from £3bn all the way to £5bn.

Culture minister Jeremy Wright explained how the UK's investment in full-fibre technology would benefit businesses and support the rollout of 5G networks in a statement, saying:

“We want everyone in the UK to benefit from world-class connectivity no matter where they live, work or travel. This radical new blueprint for the future of telecommunications in this country will increase competition and investment in full fibre broadband, create more commercial opportunities and make it easier and cheaper to roll out infrastructure for 5G.”

The government is aiming for 15m premises to have full-fibre broadband by 2025 and for every home and business to be connected by 2033.

Image Credit: Asharkyu / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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