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UK leading the way in business digital transformation

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock)

Organisations in the UK are significantly ahead of the global average when it comes to their digital transformation journey, far beyond the United States and Germany. 

This is according to a new report by Infosys, which looked at exactly what it takes to become a 'digitally advanced' organisation, which means running multiple digital initiatives, at scale. 

The UK's supremacy is primarily led by telecommunications and technology organisations, as 5G emerges over the horizon.

Digital visionaries, the most advanced group of companies, run more digital initiatives at scale, compared to digital explorers or watchers.

Visionaries average around 12 digital initiatives at scale, with additional seven initiatives in pilot. Explorers average six, with additional seven in pilot. Watchers operate one or two digital initiatives at scale, with another pair in the pilot testing phase.

The report also tackles what organisations focus on, as they move along the digital transformation journey. Explorers focus on a broad range of ideas, despite sometimes being held back by a lack of progress in scaling up foundation initiatives. Visionaries bring ‘many initiatives to scale’ alongside the foundation, mainstay and customer categories.

The single biggest barrier to adoption of digital solutions is the legacy system, it was said. Other roadblocks include insufficient funding and the inability to experiment fast enough.

“To become more like visionaries, companies should develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for using automation and AI to bolster human capabilities, rather than focusing shortsightedly on cutting costs,” the report concludes.

“They need to put in place a formal digital transformation strategy, and share that plan with employees, customers and partners alike.”

Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK