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UK leading the way in digital tech

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Yorkman)

No other country across across Europe has citizens using digital services more than the UK, new research has claims.

A report by consulting firm McKinsey found 86 percent of UK citizens have used e-commerce or online services in the past six months.

Since last Christmas, approximately seven million Brits accessed new digital services, mostly grocery stores and education services, bringing the total number of digital users this year to 43 million.

With the exception of groceries, digital became the preferred channel for most industries, the report further claimed.

While the number of new digital users grew in the UK, elsewhere in Europe it plateaued. McKinsey believes the pandemic sped up digital transformation efforts across the board and that the UK took advantage. However, the firm also believes numbers will start to dwindle as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Those aged 35-44 want to use fewer digital services and are most likely to return to stores once the pandemic subsides, mostly because they don’t trust companies to protect their data.

“Even as total digital adoption remains above pre-pandemic levels, many industries and regions may see a modest negative net change in post-pandemic digital use relative to 2020,” McKinsey said.