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UK leading the way on hybrid cloud adoption

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Nattapol Sritongcom)

UK businesses are “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the adoption of hybrid cloud, a new report from Nutanix states.

The cloud company recently released its third global Enterprise Cloud Index, based on a poll of 3,400 IT decision-makers around the world. In the report, Nutanix argues that UK businesses are faring better in terms of cloud adoption, compared to the rest of Europe.

Most UK respondents (79 percent) consider hybrid the ideal operating model, but implementation is not straightforward. Businesses in the region, however, are “most advanced” in that respect.

The predominant interim model, according to the Enterprise Cloud Index, is one of a non-integrated mix of datacenters plus clouds (public and/or private) - an approach taken by a quarter (26 percent) of global respondents and 43 percent of UK respondents.

UK businesses are also the ones getting rid of the traditional datacenter as a principal IT resource the fastest. With less than one in ten businesses in the UK still using this approach, compared to 18 percent on a global level, the UK seems to be “a good 12 months ahead of the game”.

Non-cloud enabled datacenters are set for extinction, according to Nutanix, which estimates they will be around for another five years or so.

App mobility between clouds is also a smaller challenge in the UK compared to elsewhere, which is why, Nutanix believes, more than half of companies will go with hybrid cloud only by 2023.