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UK local authorities yet to fully embrace cloud benefits

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock)

When it comes to citizen services, UK’s local authorities still aren’t using cloud capabilities to the fullest, according to a new report from Citrix.

A total of 40 local authorities responded to Citrix’ Freedom of Information request and the conclusion is that there’s still ‘progress to be made’ when it comes to cloud migration.

Less than one in ten (8 per cent) access and manage all citizen data in public clouds. No single authority manages their organisations’ data and apps in the cloud. More than three quarters (77 per cent) are storing less than a quarter of data in the cloud, and more than a third of councils aren’t outsourcing, or downsizing their physical IT infrastructure in favour of a cloud model, nor they plan to do so.

Almost three quarters (70 per cent) of IT teams said they weren’t confident they have a single view of citizen data. However, the majority did say they’re considering investing in cloud infrastructure in the next 12 months.

“Local councils today are under enormous pressure from both central government and British citizens to deliver better services, at lower costs,” commented Darren Fields, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, Citrix.

“With local authorities facing an overall funding gap of £5.8 billion by the end of the decade, councils are always on the lookout for innovative, cost effective technology to help deliver efficient citizen services, whilst also improving productivity for staff and reducing costs.”

Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock