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UK marketers suffering from 'tech anxiety'

Marketers in the UK are suffering from what's called the 'tech anxiety', and they're more affected than their peers in Europe. This is according to Adobe’s annual Digital Roadblock study.  There are a couple of layers to this 'tech anxiety'. Firstly, it revolves around digital transformation, and how they are capable of doing the transition smoothly and seamlessly. 

Second, it is about talent in the tech sector which is obviously lacking, and thirdly – it's about the pressure of the industry itself. In the UK, 74 per cent feel having new technologies is crucial to success. Yet just above half (54 per cent) have the skills do make it happen. In terms of tech skills, a 'tech-savvy' marketer is one who adopts new technologies fast, yet jut 15 per cent consider themselves 'tech-savvy'.  

Because of the fast pace of digital transformation, more than half (55 per cent) of marketers believe the technology is in control of them, instead of other way around. Customer expectation is also high – 77 per cent of marketers said consumers expect an immediate response to a question, and 72 per cent want more compelling content. “It’s clear from what marketers are telling us is that they are really feeling squeezed,” John Watton, Marketing Director EMEA commented. 

“On the one hand they are expected to contribute more to the business and on the other, they have customers expecting instant responses and incredible experiences each and every time they interact with a brand. Furthermore, they are having to grapple with many new techniques for reaching customers and having to step out of their marketing heartland into sales and customer services.“ 

Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa