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UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

(Image credit: Image Credit: James F Clay / Flickr)

UK’s schools are failing to properly prepare students for a digital future, new research has claimed.

A poll from Microsft UK claims that the majority of schools are not instilling skills that students will need after being hired.

Based on a poll of 755 UK primary and secondary school teachers, the report says that time and resource constraints are the biggest reason why schools are failing. It was also said that teachers are struggling to ‘get through the day’ instead of having the time to think creatively and innovatively about individual student’s needs.

Classrooms are also outdated. More than half (52 per cent) are still using analogue equipment, and 54 per cent of students don’t have access to devices. Teachers generally agree that technology can help students learn, help create a more inclusive learning environment, and have a positive impact on the student-teacher collaboration.

But even in places where schools do have the technology – teachers don’t have the skills to use them. Just 15 per cent are confident about using tech, and a third has had hands-on training.

“The biggest challenge in teaching today is finding the balance between work and personal life whilst simultaneously helping students achieve more,” comments Paul Watkins from the Digital Learning Development Department at Ysgol Bae Baglan, a 3-16 all-through school in Neath, Port Talbot.

“For us, the benefits of technology speak for themselves – giving teachers back time and enabling more engaging and inclusive lessons. The key is knowing what you want to achieve and empowering students with the skills, knowledge and ability to succeed in the working world.”

Image Credit: James F Clay / Flickr