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UK set to build major new cyber-defence force

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/BeeBright)

The UK is improving its ability to wage cyber war significantly, adding more personnel and more money. According to a new report by Sky News, UK's cyber-warfare taskforce will be 2,000 strong and will receive at least (and probably more) £250m in funding.

The taskforce will be comprised of military personnel and contractors, and represents a 4x increase. The plan was unveiled by the Ministry of Defence and GCHQ.

Former commander of the Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons, said this is an important move in protecting the UK from countries like Russia, which are 'already on the offensive'.

"By adopting offensive cyber techniques in the UK we are levelling the playing field and providing new means of both deterring and punishing states that wish to do us harm," he said.

Russian alleged cybersecurity activities often make headlines. The country was accused of meddling with the US presidential elections which saw Donald Trump take office. The country was also blamed for a cyberattack against the German government. The UK also recently said it would consider a cyber-attack against the Russians.

Early this year, the US government stopped all Microsoft sales to Russia, and accused Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based cybersecurity company, of spying for the government.

Even the dreaded NotPetya attack was accredited, by the UK and the US, to Russia.

Image source: Shutterstock/BeeBright