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UK small businesses and charities lacking digital skills

Small businesses and charities are lacking basic digital skills, and if they had those, they could increase their turnover and donations by quite a lot. This is according to a new report by Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index. Basic digital skills include problem solving, communicating, transacting, managing information and creating, according to a Doteveryone definition. More than a third (38 per cent) of UK's small businesses, and almost half (49 per cent) of charities are lacking these skills, the report says.  

Small businesses that are 'most digital' are twice as likely to report an increase in turnover, compared to businesses that are 'least digital'. It’s almost the same with charities – those that are ‘most digital’ are 28 per cent more likely to report an increase in funding than those that are ‘least digital’.  The number of charities accepting online donations more than doubled in the last year, the report added. 

“It’s very encouraging that the Business Digital Index shows an even stronger link between the digital maturity and organisational success of businesses and charities, with the small businesses most digitally capable being twice as likely to increase turnover,” says Nick Williams, Consumer Digital Director, Lloyds Banking Group. 

“However, there are still too many without the basic digital skills which allow them to make the most of the internet. We need to motivate by raising awareness of the benefits of digital, including saving cost and time. Just as important is to remove the barriers and for some, concerns around online security are holding them back from adopting digital technology. We need to do more to reassure and support them to develop their cyber security skills.”