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UK SMBs call for government help on Brexit tech

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa)

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are urging their government to help them move through Brexit easier. 

Head of the Federation of Small Businesses, Mike Cherry, has called for the government to issue vouchers which SMBs could spend on technology, expertise and training.

According to The Register, Cherry said the transition period is almost over, yet SMBs “still have no clear sense of what they’ll be transitioning to.”

“The economy is in a very different place today compared to the last time we were told to prepare for a no-deal outcome. Small firms don’t have the time or money to get across new bureaucracy or stockpile,” he said.

“Given that small firms have been flat out managing coronavirus-linked disruption for the past six months, the government needs to step in with substantial financial support to assist with transition preparations. Transition vouchers mark a sensible way forward: set sums that can be spent on expertise, tech and training that will ease the small business community’s move to a new relationship with the EU.”

Earlier this year, the UK voted to leave the European Union, but leaving turned out to be a major legal conundrum. The government has until December 31 to sort out the formalities. Until then, the country will still be governed by EU regulations and will remain part of the single market and customs union.