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UK tech salaries outstripped the rest of the world

(Image credit: Image Credit: Christina Morillo / Pexels)

If you’re a tech talent in search of a high-end salary, London should be high on your list of destinations, as the capital often offers payment higher than anywhere else in the world. 

A new report from job search company Hired claims that London is still a global tech hub, ahead of Toronto, New York and San Francisco.

Looking at the position of software engineer in general, salaries rose 13 per cent between 20187 and 2019. Professionals in the industry can expect to earn an average of $95,000 a year.

Gaming seems to be a booming industry in the city. Salaries here rose 25 per cent. Developers earn $47,000 a year more than the average UK citizen, Hired added.

“This data, aside from highlighting some of the trends driving digital transformation globally, is a great motivator for tech talent in the UK, empowering them with insights that will help them to understand current hiring trends and their market worth,” said Gordon Smith, general managing for Europe at Hired.

“While salaries for software engineers continue to rise globally, the UK led the way in 2019, cementing the country’s place as one of the world’s top tech hubs.”

Fears of Brexit are still looming, as many employers worry the UK leaving the EU could hinder talent finding and retention.