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UK wants to lead to global fight against cybercriminal activity

(Image credit: Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock)

The UK wants to be the global leader in the fight against cyberattackers and is working on a new policy to that end. This is one of the key messages coming out of the G7 meeting currently taking place in the UK.

As reported by The Telegraph, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the country will be teaming up with the US to “take the fight to the cybercriminals” and reduce the impact of ransomware attacks against national infrastructure, corporations and individuals.

The country is allegedly working on a series of steps, which include growing its blacklist of hackers and other hostile actors. In some cases, criminals can expect “individual sanctions”, while in others, “more offensive means of disabling”.

Another big change in direction is around naming the criminals. So far, the UK has refrained from pointing fingers directly, but there’s a new drive to publicly expose bad actors.

“We are expanding our presence, our remit for action, and the energy we pour into it. We will go after new people more forcefully,” a government source allegedly said.

The UK will also look to help its allies in their efforts, by offering technical help and sharing intelligence. 

“We already provide support for resilience for vulnerable countries, allies, and others from cyber-attacks and that's something that I think you'll certainly see more of,” said Raab.