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UK workers think remote working will become more common

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The coronavirus outbreak might permanently change how people work, a new survey by Citrix has shown. 

Polling 1,000 people in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Australia, the report has shown that 65 per cent of UK office workers currently working from home believe remote working could become more common after the pandemic.

However, it's not like remote and flexible working wasn't widespread in the UK before the enforced lockdown. Almost half (45 per cent) of UK's office workers worked at least a day a week from home, saying the practice improved their productivity and reduced stress levels, both of which were linked to commuting.

But working from home comes with its own set of challenges, as well. Most people don't have dedicated working spaces when they work from home, and that's rarely something employers can affect. It doesn't hurt their productivity, though, as the report found that people work almost identical hours both at home and in the office, sometimes even longer.

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While productivity is almost identical (or higher) for most of the respondents (63 per cent), some did stress that home distractions, like their kids or pets, were getting in the way. In some cases, being separated from their colleagues hurt the workers.

"Employers need to provide their staff with the necessary technology to work flexibly with access to intuitive, user-friendly systems that enable – rather than hamper – collaboration and productivity, whether in the office or working from their kitchen table,” said Darren Fields, Vice President UK & Ireland, Citrix.

"The home office will become an integral part of the British work culture, with widespread adoption in future rather than the company or industry-specific approaches to remote working we have seen to date. Today’s global health crisis shows that enabling remote working is the right way forward. Every office worker who can currently work from home is able to not only do their job, but also support society as a whole to help us to navigate this crisis and reach the best possible outcome as quickly as possible,” concluded Fields.

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