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Ukraine claims it blocked NATO cyberattack

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/GlebStock)

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has successfully prevented a cyberattack (opens in new tab) on the embassy of a NATO country in Kiev though it did not reveal which one was targeted.

Hackers tried to gain access to the embassy's systems through the unauthorised use of an information resource of a state enterprise of the Ukrainian Health Ministry. 

The SBU's press centre explained that law enforcement documented information security violations and the use of automated systems by Health Ministry enterprise officials. These violations allowed the attackers to illegally access the enterprise's information and telecommunications systems which they exploited to launch an attack on a foreign diplomatic office.

Based on the results of the inspection by the SBU, the Health Ministry's leadership has decided to dismiss the general director of the state enterprise who was declared a suspect in committing a crime under Article 363 (opens in new tab) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 

In its report on the incident, the SBU explained how the hackers were able to launch an attack after gaining access to the Health Ministry's systems, saying: 

"Law enforcers documented the violation of the rules for the protection of information and the operation of automated systems by officials of a state enterprise of the Health Ministry. The said violations resulted in the culprits getting access to the information and telecommunication systems of the state institution. Later, hackers tried to use the opportunity to conduct cyberattacks on a foreign mission.” 

A pretrial investigation is currently underway and we will likely hear more once the trial officially begins. 

Image Credit: GlebStock / Shutterstock

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