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UK's mobile and broadband 'need full overhaul'

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Lord Adonis, head of the National Infrastructure Commission, has called upon Ofcom and the government to urgently tackle poor mobile and broadband connectivity in the UK.

In a recently written letter, he referred to Ofcom's Friday report in which is says that more than a million households have poor broadband. The report also said that text messages could not be sent on all four networks on 30 per cent of the UK, as well as that large pars of the country aren't covered with 4G.

"In an age when access to a mobile signal is regarded as a must-have, it is deplorable that even in areas previously considered to have strong coverage, operators are still delivering such poor services that customers can struggle to make a quick phone call," he said.

"It demonstrates the need for urgent and radical action to tackle this issue immediately, ahead of new mobile spectrum being auctioned and 5G technology being rolled out," he said.

Matt Hancock, minister for digital, agreed with Lord Adonis' remarks, adding that things need to improve – fast.

"We've recently removed outdated restrictions, giving mobile operators more freedom to improve their networks including hard-to-reach rural areas," he said. "But industry needs to play its part too through continued investment and improvement in their networks, making sure that customers are not paying for services they don't receive."

Even Ofcom agrees, saying it's preparing new rules for operators' licenses.

Image Credit: Flex