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UK's retailers are embracing digital disruption

While the majority of industries fear digital disruption, not knowing how it will reshape their existence, UK's retail industry is embracing it with a smile.

According to a new Fujitsu report, four-fifths of UK's retailers (80 per cent) are 'enthusiastic' or 'excited' about going digital. Just a third of leaders in the sector are worried about the effects of digital disruption and the future of their organisation.

Even more, 86 per cent, believe digital disruption will completely transform their industry, to the point where 35 per cent don't believe it will exist in today's form, in five years' time.

This embracing of new technologies isn't just on paper, too. Pretty much every organisation polled (94 per cent) said it has already started implementing new technologies, and 96 per cent said they're doing everything they can to become the leader.

More than half (52 per cent) have decided to change their business strategy, and 42 per cent have invested in the development of new services. 

“Nowadays the level of customers’ expectations is at an all-time high, with the research even stating that customers are the biggest force driving digital disruption (50 per cent)” said Rupal Karia, Managing Director for Retail and Hospitality, UK and Ireland at Fujitsu. “If retailers are to thrive in this ever increasingly digital landscape, they are going to need to collaborate with technology partners that will help them to facilitate innovation and new services, which will ultimately help them enrich their customer service and differentiate themselves in such a competitive market.” 

Image source: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia