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US delegation shares new evidence of Huawei security risks

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A US government delegation has shared new evidence in support of its claims that Huawie is a threat to national security.

The delegation, led by deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, came to the UK yesterday to try and persuade its partners not to use Huawei to build the national 5G infrastructure.

It says it would be “madness” to employ Huawei to build the national 5G infrastructure, following these new findings, the BBC reported.

The BBC says these findings are in contrast to what British intelligence's own technical assessment says. The UK will make up its mind whether or not to use Huawei to build some “non-core” elements of its 5G infrastructure before the end of January.

Both sides are yet to comment on the details of these new findings, so we don’t yet know what the contents are.

The US is intensively lobbying against Huawei, claiming the country’s 5G infrastructure can be abused by the Chinese government to spy on western communications, including phone calls and text messages. The company was blacklisted by the US government, consequently losing some of its biggest partners, such as Google or ARM.

Huawei denies the accusations, saying they’re baseless and that its gear is as secure as anyone else’s. Some US companies have urged the US government to lift the ban, saying it hurts their business more than it helps.

Sead Fadilpašić

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