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US government ban on Kaspersky Lab software signed into law

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alexxsun)

In the latest development in the ongoing spate between the US government and the Moscow-based security company, Kaspersky Labs, President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that bans the use of any of the company's antivirus products with the US government. 

The ban, which applies to both civilian and military networks, was included as part of a larger defense policy spending bill signed by the president.  It reinforces a previous directive made by Trump in September that required all civilian agencies to remove any Kaspersky Lab software from their systems within 90 days. 

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, praised the bill noting how the Russian company's software posed a “grave risk” to the country's national security, saying: 

“The case against Kaspersky is well-documented and deeply concerning.  This law is long overdue.” 

Despite the US government's claims against it, Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied any involvement with Russia's Kremlin or any other government for that matter.  The company's CEO, Eugene Kaspersky was even ready to provide the source code for his company's products to clear up any suspicions. 

However, this was not enough for US officials and according to senior cyber security official Christopher Krebs at the Department of Homeland Security, almost all government agencies have already fully removed Kaspersky Lab's software from their networks to comply with President Trump's September order. 

Kaspersky Lab has officially shut down its Washington DC offices though the company plans to continue selling its products to non-federal US customers and it will open new offices in Chicago and Los Angeles next year. 

Image Credit: Alexxsun