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US government shutdown could slow down 5G rollout

(Image credit: O2)

The shutdown of US Government could have a disastrous effect on the country’s attempt at becoming the world leader at 5G and other innovative technologies, experts have warned.

In a statement, Cinnamon Rogers, the senior vice president of government affairs at the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) said the FCC is now out of money and cannot approve new devices. “The unavailability of this process will have a serious and negative impact on the approval of new connected devices that are designed to enable both 5G deployment and the full ecosystem of next generation technologies that 5G will support.”

As a first-aid solution, Rogers proposes that the equipment authorisation system remains active during any shutdown, similar to other systems that are currently available.  

“To ensure the Commission retains its right to review device approvals after the shutdown ends, TIA supports having the FCC’s 30-day review period kick in once full agency operations resume.”

He also suggests permanent solutions like having the FCC complete a long-running equipment authorisation proceeding that will ‘likely remove’ some categories of devices that present limited risk from needing direct FCC approval. Then, he proposes the FCC to allow for automatic certification by accredited third-parties.

“The United States has the most innovative communications technology companies in the world. And while the FCC has made progress in recent years, the equipment authorization process needs further reform now – to prevent damage during government shutdowns – and into the future to allow those companies to bring new technologies to American consumers as soon as possible.”

The US government has been shut down for more than 20 days, the longest impasse in history.

Image Credit: O2