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US judge dismisses Kaspersky ban appeals

(Image credit: Image Credit: Alexxsun)

A US court has dismissed an appeal from Kaspersky Lab concerning the decision to ban the Russian firm from national government machines.

This Wednesday, a US District Judge in Washington ruled that Kaspersky Lab could not prove what the lawsuit stated – that the Congress had violated constitutional prohibitions on legislation that “determines guilt and inflicts punishment” without the protections of a judicial trial.

The effort to overturn the DHS ban, for the lack of standing, was also dismissed, Reuters reported.

Kaspersky Lab said it would appeal the decision. Until that happens, the prohibitions included in the bill passed by the Congress stands.

The Russian cyber-security software was banned from US government machines because, as US officials stated, it could enable Russian espionage and threaten national security.

Kaspersky Lab, and its founder Eugene Kaspersky, has denied these allegations multiple times, saying the company would not help any government in cyber espionage.

“These actions were the product of unconstitutional agency and legislative processes and unfairly targeted the company without any meaningful fact finding,” Kaspersky said in a statement.

Two weeks ago, the company decided to move its core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland.

The company is saying this move reflects its 'ongoing commitment to assuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its products’.

“Trust is essential in cybersecurity, and Kaspersky Lab understands that trust is not a given; it must be repeatedly earned through transparency and accountability,” the company said.

Image Credit: Alexxsun