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US officials will visit UK to push Huawei 5G ban

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

The American offensive on Chinese-made 5G infrastructure is set to kick off in the UK, as the country's delegation heads across the pond. A US delegation, led by deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, is expected in the UK today, where it will meet with its partners to discuss 5G infrastructure.

US diplomats are trying to convince the UK not to allow Huawei to build its 5G infrastructure. The UK is expected to make a decision about this issue before the end of the month.

Security minister Brandon Lewis told the BBC we should expect the decision “relatively soon”.

The US has been engaged in an all-out trade war with China for some time now, and 5G is one of the battlefields. The upcoming and promising technology requires new infrastructure and new hardware, and Huawei is considered among the market leaders.

However, official Washington believes Huawei's gear can (and probably will) be used by the Chinese government to spy on the communications of its western adversaries, and is urging its allies to ban Huawei from building national infrastructures.

Those that do not heed the call and still decide to do business with Huawei, may end up without vital intelligence from the States. US diplomats are saying they'd consider sharing important information with such countries.

“It’s not a secret. They have been consistent. Those things will be taken into account when the government collectively decides to make a decision on it,” British defence Minister Ben Wallace told the Sunday Times.