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US ramps up probe into Google's online advertising monopoly

(Image credit: Image Credit: Anthony Spadafora)

Google is facing further scrutiny from lawmakers and law enforcement agencies in the US as a joint investigation into its advertising practices continues.

According to Reuters, US state attorneys general will discuss Google’s possible advertising monopoly with the representatives of the Department of Justice. Allegedly, they’re investigating if Google’s advertising practices are harming consumers. They could even “join forces”, as the Wall Street Journal suspects.

The two agencies are investigating multiple Google practices, including potentially anticompetitive behaviour in its Android mobile operating system and the dominance in online search. They’re also discussing the best division of labour. No details have been shared with the general public just yet.

Google is yet to comment on the latest reports, but the company is facing multiple investigations across the globe concerning possible monopoly abuse and anticompetitive behaviour. In Europe, it became the subject of an investigation late last year, when EU’s communications watchdog started looking into the ways the company gathers and monetises user data.

In May 2019, India started investigating Google for potentially abusing Android's dominant position in the market. Two separate sources claimed that India's competition watchdog, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) decided there was merit in the accusations, and that it’s looking to launch full probes.

In the United States, major investigations started in September last year, over possible monopoly abuse in the advertising industry.