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Use of SaaS applications in enterprise expected to grow in wake of pandemic

(Image credit: Image Credit: Wright Studio / Shutterstock)

Businesses will continue to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications going forward, despite some employees returning to the office. 

This is according to a new report from SailPoint, which claims that two thirds of businesses expect to expand their cloud-based identity governance platform during the next year.

“The shift to remote working has made it more difficult for IT teams to monitor the enterprise security perimeter, with hackers looking to take advantage of multiple user access points,” explained Ben Bulpett, EMEA Director at SailPoint.

“And with the workforce’s makeup and location continuing to shift rapidly, this begs the question – who even has access to what right now?”

According to Bulpett, many companies have seen business continuity efforts hindered by various security and compliance troubles, which need to be resolved immediately.

“As organizations brace themselves for a new economic storm, identity governance is one of the tools that can help them navigate through the challenging times ahead,” he added.

The rise in remote working also resulted in increased usage of communications tools, which brought about its own specific set of cybersecurity challenges. Previously, only 12 percent of all malicious traffic was directed at remote workers, but this figure jumped to 60 percent during the pandemic.

“Whether employees continue working from home, return to the office with different responsibilities, or enter into a contract-based role, identity governance plays a crucial part in protecting the enterprise’s security perimeter. Through this, IT teams can speed up the process of enabling and securing their users’ access to key applications, data, and infrastructure, pivoting quickly as the business’ and users’ needs change,” Bulpett concluded.