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Utilities can lead the way when it comes to digital transformation

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New research has revealed that 70 per cent of utilities leaders believe that technology could be key to helping overcome the UK's current socioeconomic issues.

Fujitsu's (opens in new tab) new “Tech in a Transforming Britain (opens in new tab)” report has shed light on how the utilities sector has embraced emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and wearables.

These technologies are helping fuel digital transformation efforts (opens in new tab) with 94 per cent of leaders in agreement that technology is a driving force behind change in their organisations and 84 per cent consider this change to be positive. 

Utilities leaders see a number of benefits related to the introduction of new technology at their organisations and 48 per cent have noticed improvements in operational efficiency as well as 41 per cent noting an increase in employee productivity.  However, only 53 per cent of the public agree that there have been noticeable benefits in the utilities sector.    

When questioned as to which technologies they plan to implement with the next 12 months, utilities leaders highlighted Internet of Things (42%), wearables (40%) and AI (40%) as their next priority. 

Although the utilities sector is making great strides in the adoption of new technologies, just 17 per cent of the public said they wanted to see it embrace new technology with education, transportation, central government, manufacturing, banking and retail all being sectors where they believed digital transformation could be more beneficial. 

Fujisu UK's CTO for Manufacturing, Utilities and Services, Gaeme Wright praised how open utilities leaders were to adopting new technologies, saying: 

“While the public may not believe the sector is seeing much with technology, it is extremely encouraging to see the sector leaders be so forward-thinking in their approach to digital transformation. We must now pull together and ensure we are moving ahead responsibly. With 75 percent of utilities leaders believing their employees have the right skills to take advantage of new technology, there is a strong base to start from. It is crucial we work to ensure this number rises and that workers are trained and reskilled in new technologies – this is the only way organisations can reap the rewards of an increasingly digital world.”  

Image Credit: Nebuto / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
Anthony Spadafora

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