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Vast majority of companies aren't GDPR compliant

(Image credit: Image Credit: Docstockmedia / Shutterstock)

The General Data Protection Regulation is less than a month away, and 93 per cent of global organisations are not yet fully compliant. 

A newly released report by SAS found that just under half (49 per cent) expect to be fully compliant by May 25 (deadline day). Companies in the US seem to be less prepared than their European and UK / Ireland counterparts.  

“Despite the long run-up to GDPR, the vast majority of UK organisations still don’t have processes in place to manage their data in compliance with the new rules,” said David Smith, head of GDPR technology, SAS UK & Ireland.

“At this point, senior leadership needs to take ownership of getting the whole company on board, from IT to operations, to make sure that all personal data is accurately located and appropriately handled.”

The report adds, however, that the companies aren’t standing by idly. A vast majority are working on it, with 93 per cent saying they have a plan, or expect to have one soon.  

“There’s a great opportunity contained within the challenge of GDPR,” Smith continued. “Organisations that gain greater control and understanding of their data will be better able to provide their customers with the services they want, in the manner that they want them. Those companies that can innovate through GDPR will gain a significant advantage over competitors who get stuck in the long grass of compliance.”

Image Credit: Docstockmedia / Shutterstock