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Video conferencing set to overtake email

(Image credit: Future)

Younger, tech-savvy workers are showing their full potential under coronavirus quarantine, with increased productivity and heavy usage of modern solutions - some of which threaten to replace email as the number one business communications tool.

This is according to a new report from the UK's graduate careers website Milkround, which claims email is the only communications platform to have seen a fall in usage during the pandemic.

In contrast, video conferencing tools are thriving. Almost three quarters are using Zoom and other video platforms to, for example, conduct meetings or interview for new jobs.

Zoom usage has grown by more than a third (34 percent) since lockdown measures were introduced, while more than two thirds of UK workers use Skype. Consumer-focused WhatsApp and Facetime have also seen a spike in usage.

However, the sudden adoption of these tools was not without its challenges - especially for older employees. More than a third needed to ask for help before finding their rhythm, and a quarter are said to still be struggling with the platforms.

The report suggests members of Gen Z, on the other hand, were prepared for a world reliant on digital communication, “showing no change from their pervasive use of video platforms long before lockdown”.

For Georgie Brazier, Graduate Jobs Expert at Milkround, the stats show the positive results of extensive use of social media platforms among younger audiences.

“Their longstanding use of social media to communicate has set them in good stead for the lockdown. Gen Z and Millennials are now benefiting professionally from their use of social media platforms,” he said.

“Despite not having as much experience in the workforce as other colleagues, they are leading the way during isolation by leveraging their innate tech savvy skillsets.”