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Virgin Media Business lets workers carry the private network with them

(Image credit: Image Credit: Flickr / Mike MacKenzie)

Virgin Media Business users will soon be able to benefit from remote mobile access to their corporate network remotely thanks to a new service targeting enterprises.

Business Anywhere allows direct mobile data access into the Virgin Media Business network through IPVPN. Essentially, workers get to take the company’s private network with them.

Announcing the new service, the company said a third of the workforce could benefit from it. Business Anywhere will work seamlessly with mobile phones, tablets and laptops with a SIM slot.  

The service will launch in January through EE. Interesting thing is that the company promises a “secure end-to-end solution”, which will enable workers to connect to the network without the need for manual verification of devices.

“We know that businesses want simple, secure IT solutions that just work,” said Rob Orr, executive director - sales, for Virgin Media Business.

“Business Anywhere allows remote workers to access everything they need to collaborate while away from the office.  It sets a new standard for remote working by allowing people to carry their corporate network with them wherever they go.  Our customers will no longer be constrained by the physical footprint of their office, staff will spend less time travelling, improving productivity whilst cutting costs.”  

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Image Credit: Flickr / Mike MacKenzie