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VMware cloud now powered by Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware have announced a strategic partnership in the cloud computing business. This Thursday, during a press event in San Francisco, the two companies announced that they will create new technology allowing customers to use VMware datacentre management software on Amazon’s cloud. Basically, VMware's infrastructure software (vSphere, NSX) will run on Amazon Web Services.  

“Our customers continue to ask us to make it easier for them to run their existing data center investments alongside AWS,” Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS, told Tech Crunch.  

“Most enterprises are already virtualized using VMware, and now with VMware Cloud on AWS, for the first time, it will be easy for customers to operate a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment using their existing 

VMware tools on AWS, and without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite their applications, or modify their operating model.” VMware will be in charge of operating and selling the service, and the invite-only beta is expected to kick off early 2017. According to, Dell could be the one selling it, as well. Among the first customers of the new service are Western Digital and Sysco. 

"This jointly architected service represents a significant investment in engineering, operations, support and sales resources from both companies. Designed to deliver a great customer experience, the service will be optimized to run on dedicated AWS infrastructure purpose-built for this offering,” the press release stated. More details can be found on this link.      

Image Credit: Amazon