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VMware reportedly set to release a security solution soon

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay)

VMWare is finally going to release its security solution for virtual machines, and according to the company's senior VP, it could be released in the third quarter of this year. 

Speaking at a global roadshow in Melbourne, Australia, Jeff Jennings said the product (which will probably be called App Defence) will be looking at the “context of a virtual machine”.

In a nutshell, here’s what we can expect: a solution will first look at a virtual machine and analyse executables that are supposed to run inside it. It will network the infrastructure the VM will touch on, analyse which ports it will use and pretty much scan anything else that’s expected and safe. 

If the solution, which we’ve so far known as ‘Project Goldilocks’ notices anything shady, it can either flag it for system admins to take a closer look, or create another ‘clean’ clone to pick up where the ‘shady’ one left off. 

Jennings also said that we can expect a three-pronged security offering. The first one is already available, - the NSX network virtualisation product, capable of creating ‘microsegments’, or virtual networks with restricted behaviours linked to certain apps or VMs.

The second one is the contextual analysis, and finally third – automation. 

There was no discussion on the pricing, bundles or how the solutions will even get to market. 

You can find a video of Jennings’ talk on this link

Image source: Shutterstock/bluebay