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Vodafone UK now blocks fraudulent calls

As of today, Vodafone UK will be blocking (almost) all scam calls on its network, significantly reducing distress for customers, the company announced on Wednesday. Scam calls include 'false PPI offers, missed call scams, or expensive numbers to ring for bogus offers and prizes at source before they get through to customers', according to the press release. 

The best part of the offer is that customers won't even be aware it's there – it will work in full discretion.  Vodafone warned that some fraudulent calls might still make it through the defence system, but the majority will be blocked. During the testing phase, the company successfully blocked more than 425,000 such calls in one day alone. 

Over the testing week, the number of fraudulent calls dropped to under a thousand, after fraudsters realised their calls weren’t going through. 

“Fraudulent calls are a scourge on society, inflicting great anxiety for victims. The protection of our customers is paramount and we have been investing heavily in our network and technology to help stamp out this practice,” said Head of Corporate Security for Vodafone UK, Mark Hughes. 

“We will continue to evolve the technology as well as work with industry bodies and the regulator to ensure we keep one step ahead of criminals.” Besides blocking fraud calls, Vodafone UK also has a nuisance call bureau, created to help customers handle unwanted or threat calls.

Image Credit: Jonathan Oakley / Flickr