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Want to increase profit margins? Step up your enterprise mobility game

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Bloomicon)

There’s a new research report that says companies whose employees use mobile devices for multiple things are more productive than those with limited usage.

The report was commissioned by Synchronoss and conducted by Sapio Research. It says that 38 per cent of enterprises use mobility solutions for basic tools like email and calendar. Such enterprises are 15 per cent less productive, and almost a third (29 per cent) less profitable than those with more advanced mobile capabilities. Those capabilities include file sharing, data analytics, app integrations, or multi-factor authentication.

It was also said that these companies don’t have a firm requirement to secure their staff’s devices, increasing risks. Another interesting finding is that even though enterprise mobility is perceived as an accepted norm, 38 per cent never progress beyond the first, Entry Level stage. More than four fifths (81 per cent) remain in the bottom half.

“The findings of this study underline the case for companies to dedicate investment to their enterprise mobility strategy. Until now, the benefits of mobility maturity have been anecdotal or theoretical. We now know that those who invest in advanced mobility tools – balancing efficiency with security – benefit from double-figure improvements in productivity, in turn contributing to massive profitability gains” said Dave Schuette, Executive Vice President of the Enterprise Business Unit at Synchronoss.

Image source: Shutterstock/Bloomicon