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We lose more than an hour a day on office irritations

There's a funny report coming out of Samsung this morning, about all the different things that distract and annoy workers on an everyday basis. What's not funny in the report, is how much these distractions hurt the workers, companies and the entire economy. 

The report says that workers in UK's small businesses lose almost six hours (5.5, to be exact) every week on various distractions and annoyances. The biggest distractions are poor computers and lousy internet, which are causing UK workers to lose 27 minutes every day (or just over two hours a week). Having no access to email was also mentioned. Then there are annoying co-workers, causing 22 minutes of lost time every day, mostly on moaning, eating loudly and messily, and interrupting people while they're talking.  

The least time (19 minutes a day) goes on general office troubles, like being too hot or cold, having an uncomfortable chair or a messy workplace. 

Commenting on the findings, Professor Sir Cary L Cooper, CBE, University of Manchester – a leading expert on wellbeing and workplace issues, said: “Workplace annoyances might seem insignificant in isolation, but – combined – they add up to a lot of lost working time. This is a big issue for the UK as it currently sits seventh in the G7 and 17th in the G20 on productivity per person, showing that these distractions could be causing a big impact. With increased competition and rising costs, small businesses must address these sooner, rather than later to avoid missing out on valuable office hours and losing team members.” 

Professor Sir Cooper says workers should not be passive and take more control, be patient, and try to connect with people more. Also, taking stress breaks and exercising helps.  

Image source: Shutterstock/Pressmaster