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We must prevent an AI instigated coup

The announcement that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon are teaming up to develop (opens in new tab) new standards for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only great news for those afraid of losing their jobs to robots, but also to those wary that the rise of AI will lead to the post-apocalyptic world, so often portrayed in Hollywood films.

Yet, whether we like it or not, AI is causing a global storm with both consumers and organisations turning to technology to automate more activities and engage with us in a more useful way.

Its ability to help with day-to-day tasks, reduce human error and improve speed to market has seen AI’s increased presence in sectors from gaming through to manufacturing. AI is only going to become more commonplace and it’s vital that the organisations now responsible for the standards address the need for a balance between humans and technology. Combining human emotion with the efficiencies of AI makes for a strong future across the industries that embrace it; the future should be humans and robots collaborating.

In order to ensure intelligent machines remain under human control and prevent an AI instigated coup, further precautionary measures and continued quality assurance of the software behind AI must be carried out in addition to the new standards currently under development.

Phil Codd, Managing Director at SQS (opens in new tab)

Image source: Shutterstock/PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek