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We spend three months a year checking email

Workers in the UK spend, on average, three months a year reading email, but this isn't even the worst European result. This is according to a new report by Adobe, who says Britons are 'addicted to email'. We're a month ahead of the Germans, who spend an average of 62 days checking email, while the French spend more – 99 days. 

The report also says our texting culture is making its way into email and, more importantly, professional email. Almost a third (32 per cent) of Britons would use emojis in the workplace, with 27 per cent admitting they’d send it to their direct manager, while 19 per cent would send it to a senior executive. The rest (80 per cent) believe sending emojis to senior executives is ‘inappropriate’, or ‘very inappropriate’.  Britons are spending 10 per cent more time on email this year, than they did a year ago. 

That’s mostly because they check their email all around the clock – 79 per cent are doing it outside office hours. “This year’s email survey has highlighted more than ever the impact that smartphones are having on our email behaviour – email style, the use of emojis and being almost constantly connected to our virtual desks,” said John Watton, EMEA Marketing Director at Adobe. 

“While having access to email in your pocket can boost workplace productivity, we’re continuing to see self-imposed email detoxes which our respondents said made them feel more relaxed and liberated. It just goes to show that there are benefits to switching off every once in a while.”