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Western Digital hit by multiple lawsuits

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Western Digital is facing a potential class action lawsuit over its failure to disclose all the necessary information about some of its hard drives.

According to a Tom's Hardware report, class action law firm Hattis & Lukacs is calling on all Western Digital customers that purchased a specific type of disk to join the motion against the company.

Slater Vecchio LLP, a separate law firm, has already sued the company in Canada, potentially opening the door for a worldwide lawsuit.

The problem lies in the way the company markets its disks. Some WD hard drives are shipped with Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) – a technology that allows for larger capacity, but also slows disks down.

In its marketing materials and product specifications, the company did not disclose this important detail, which Hattis & Lukacs considers basis enough for a law suit.

Western Digital apologised to its customers and listed all of the disks that use SMR technology. It is also replacing SMR drives with CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) equivalents for affected customers.

"Western Digital reviews customer service requests on a case-by-case basis.  As with all such requests, including product replacement requests, the determination depends on a variety of factors, including the product type, the issue reported, and the applicable warranty," said the firm.

Western Digital is not the only company to be caught on the wrong side of the debate over SMR technology; Toshiba and Seagate have also allegedly engaged in similar practices.